Two Therapists Discuss Narcissism

Episode One: Introduction to Narcissism
Elizabeth Miller, LISW, LLC
Jeannine Vegh, IMFT at Transformative Psychotherapy, LLC
Survivors of Narcissists Workshop available at Udemy

Disclaimer: As we are two humble therapists, all discussion you see between us in the video/podcast is based on our training and education, therapeutic work in our practices, and thoughtful opinions formed over our years of working with the population we discuss. We are not the last word in this discussion, and we commit to providing ongoing resources beyond ourselves to enlarge your understanding of this complex subject. Thank you for viewing and we hope this will be helpful in your recovery process.

2 thoughts on “Two Therapists Discuss Narcissism

  1. Thank you both for such a wonderful definition of what a Narcissist is and is not. Your conversation is engaging and a nice intro in setting up the education of partners who are in relationships where one is the Narcissist and the other, the survivor of a Narcissistic partner. I look forward to upcoming discussions. Joy


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