Hello, I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Ohio as well as being a published author. I decided to bring my blogs together into one setting as this makes a lot more sense to me rather than trying to manage three websites. I hope you will enjoy the posts that I have put together here which cover psychology, Ohio women’s history and the arts (film, fashion, TV and the art world in general). I am a renaissance woman for sure with a discerning eye for current events. My thinking is varied but tends toward the conservative and I am not politically correct though I will be respectful. Keeping this in mind, you have many years of experience from a holistic thinker that is not fitting into any box in particular. I don’t conform to any one thought process so don’t be concerned about putting me into your way of believing. You need an open mind to enjoy what I have to say! I always try to look at the bigger picture and I don’t pay heed to the media OR social media. The truth is there if you seek it out on your own.

Note: I am working on creating podcasts for some of the posts I am creating here. As I do this, it has been tricky with getting them uploaded after I had made some initial mistakes in the beginning and accidentally deleted things. I re-recorded but then couldn’t upload the icon here on WordPress. If you go to the Anchor Dashboard for Discerning Gal, you will be able to see all the audio files I have created (if there is not already a link attached to the post). Mostly, the audio files are on the Psychology pages.