Women’s Rights Annihilated by Narcissistic Men and Feminists.

American life is in subtle ways so one-sided. The real natural man is just in open rebellion against the utterly inhuman form of life.

Carl Gustav Jung – a 1990 Documentary of an INterview (Psychology Library YouTube)

What has happened 103 years later, post 19th Amendment, that “some women,” the feminists, ironically are no longer fighting for women’s rights? Why are men suddenly determined to become women and take over our locker rooms, bathrooms, sports leagues and getting away with it? Why are there young children, taking the stand at PTA meetings, begging for support from the school board? Why are teachers turning against parents and sexualizing children across the country? Why are pediatricians not caring about ethics in favor of money from big pharmaceutical companies and the hospitals lavishing in this new cash cow – post pandemic favoritism (rhetorical yes)? Why is our own President, lavishing awards to men on International Women’s Day and promoting trans rights? And, why are we suddenly seeing children being brought to trans events – with a huge sensitivity now to pedophiles – and actors supporting this?

I had thought that with the end of the pandemic craziness and nonsense, we could rest a little in the aftermath. However, I find it interestingly ironic that the moment liberals are being held to task for the foolish mistakes made, society is diverted in favor of a new drama. Targeting our children and women. Suddenly, there are no articles about what went wrong with the pandemic. No one is asking for accountability.

I am 60 years old and had to face a male in the women’s locker room this past January (end of the month) at Ohio State University – Phillip Heit fitness center in New Albany, Ohio. I am a licensed psychotherapist. He may have been under 18. He did not even dress like a woman – not that this would have made it better. He snarled at me, for staring at him in disbelief. He had a base voice, he walked like a man. I have never had my privacy disrespected once, in my life, in six decades. And guess what, they have a policy for this. Women may be disrespected in lieu of their DEI clause that favors anyone but women. Let’s look at this from a psychological perspective.

Women have a right to privacy, just as men have a right to privacy. You notice, there are no women joining men’s sports teams or walking in their bathrooms. We have a little bit more pride than this and aren’t dumb enough to assume we could beat a man in sports – hence Title IX was created. It was not created for trans men who fail at men’s sports, to beat women – they are biologically stronger and built differently.

  1. Young girls need space in a school bathroom to deal with their menstrual cycles. When they first begin, when it is happening, we go in the bathroom and discuss with other girls/women. We ask for products, when we are caught off guard. A girl will be afraid to discuss in front a male. She will withhold going to the bathroom as much as she can. Children do these things when they are afraid. It can cause them medical problems. However, more importantly, they deserve privacy as little girls going through this transition in life.
  2. In a locker room, both little girls in gym class and women in fitness centers deserve to take their clothes off in front of other girls/women. No matter what hormones they take or how they dress, they are still a biological male and have the eyes of men, not women. They have different issues of concern and it is not a child’s business to worry about. It is not an adult woman’s business to worry about. We have a right to get naked in front of women. Native American cultures and other indigenous societies haver respected this in ritual for centuries. There are women’s sweat lodges and men’s sweat lodges.
  3. Women and girls who have been sexually abused will be triggered by seeing a penis in their locker room. It will be frightening and they will be raped all over again when their rights are taken away. It will cause them to not “tell” even more, because the school is dismissing their rights and concerns. Why tell anyone when you adults are saying “They have a right.” Or teachers feeling they have a right to sexualize children in the classroom. Abused children are extremely vulnerable to adults who don’t listen as it is, but when you have adults telling them about sex (that they have already witnessed or experienced in a traumatizing way) and have had no one to talk to, will be traumatized even more. They are already vulnerable and you are taking advantage of this.
  4. Middle Eastern women – Muslim and some Jewish sects do not remove their wigs, hijab, or God forbid clothing in front of a male. There is no exception in scripture for a man who feels like he is a woman. My fitness center has Muslim and Jewish women. I know many fitness centers and health clubs nearby who have the same populations. This is a concern that could potentially lead to abuse in the home from a narcissistic husband who blames her for something she had no control of. Your DEI policies do not respect women from other cultures.
  5. Biology – it doesn’t matter what someone feels like being for today, you are never not a male or not a female just because you feel like it. Nor am I a black person today or a Native American or a Hispanic just because I feel like identifying this way. You can’t change your gender or your ethnicity – just because you say so.
  6. FGM – Female Genital Mutilation has long been an international crisis of mutilating little girls bodies to lessen sexual gratification. This is done in very poor and rural Muslim cultures under the pretense that it is somehow religious. As a result, these girls live (if they do live) with fistula, painful sexual intercourse, complications during childbirth and so on. Generally, it is done in very unsanitary conditions. The only difference between this and child gender mutilation is that licensed professionals are in hospitals performing these hideous events. Children, even in infancy are being groomed and prepared by parents who are ignorant and want to have attention. Feminists have long fought against FGM and yet they are in favor of gender mutilation in America.
  7. Crones – Older women’s bodies slowly but drastically change from 40+. It is a transition that requires respect, courage, support, and nurturance. We do not need men in the locker room with us while we are going through this process. We should expect to be treated with dignity and grace in the aging process. After all, we have made it this far. We want to be allowed to share this with each other.

The bigger issue at stake here is the mental health crisis that puts a person in a place where they have body dysmorphia (now being called gender dysphoria). Body dysmorphia is for people who have issues with their body. Who are obsessed with plastic surgery or needing to change their outward appearance because they have hatred for themselves as they are. This is the crisis, not that they need a new bathroom. The other issue is the parents (and professionals) mental health issue – those who are grooming their own children (or students/patients) to be the opposite sex. What are they teaching their child? That they are not good enough. That I will only love you if you become a different sex. It gives them the right to control their child even more. This is beyond Narcissism it is psychopathy. They are consciously destroying their child’s life. No child can make a life-changing decision. Their brain is not fully developed until in their 20’s. They all go through identity crises as teens – which is why we don’t diagnose a personality disorder until they are adults. No child is capable of determining whether they should change their sex – adults are abusing them – it is a travesty to these children and a detriment to their well-being. Even if they really and truly think they are the opposite sex – wait until they are an adult. Let them choose for themselves.

Entitled children have been a tragedy facing American households since the 80’s. More and more I have parents talking about their adult children who they have enabled. They live in their basements, they don’t pay rent, they demand things and they won’t get out. It is not a coincidence that there is a surge in narcissistic males wanting to be females to get even more attention lavished on them. But also to take advantage of women even more. And, our society is giving them this right to do what they want and assault women in locker rooms, sports, bathrooms and even prisons! We are not safe no matter where we go.

I specialize in survivors of Narcissistic abuse (parent and/or partner) from these entitled men (and on some rare occasions entitled female partners). These narcissistic people who get in relationships and then quit their jobs and make the woman pay the bills, who feel they can sit back and enjoy the marriage – while the partner is cleaning, cooking, raising the children and paying the bills. Who don’t find anything wrong with this and believe the marriage is just fine as it is (who cares what their partner thinks – they have the problem).

This entitlement would not be so if society put their foot down and said no – Women have rights! If the trans community were not catered too, like a new pandemic. They do not have a right to invade public spaces. They do not have a right to threaten and to actually assault women in our own private areas designed for biological women. It is not our problem that they have this mental health issue. While I can empathize with their plight, I cannot approve of them taking away the rights of women. When teachers, pediatricians, sports organizations and other professionals are allowing and enforcing that children switch genders, this is a problem that goes beyond mental health concerns. It is a trauma of our society. It is people jumping off a bridge (or wearing those masks) and everyone else watches and goes along with it. It is group think. It is dangerous and it is wrong.

Build a separate gender free bathroom/locker room for those trans people. Let them have a trans sport team and a trans Olympics. But leave the children alone, let them be innocent children. Adults are one thing – that is their business but attacking children’s bodies is child abuse period. Taking over women’s sports and lockers rooms is not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

Man has always lived in the myth and we think we are able to be born today and live in no myth and without history. That is a mutilation of the human being.

Carl gustav jung

This is a time in our life when things are going in the wrong direction. This narcissistic society who believes they can behave in ways because it is their belief that it is right. Since time began, trans people have not been a conversation or an issue. There were rules about changing their bodies – as adults – and I know this from a psychologist who was once a man and worked with transitioning adults in Los Angeles, CA in the 90’s. She taught a psychology class, one of my first, during this time.

There was once a time of Eunuchs’, men who cut their penis off to be like the Goddess or men who had them cut off by King’s to keep their wife chaste. It was not healthy or normal. When you read “When God was a Woman,” by Merlin Stone, you will find that the Eunuch’s favored the patriarchal religions when they came to town because they did not have to lose their manhood. They did it because this was societal dictates, not because they wanted to.

I have seen the photographs of mutilated children’s bodies. This is gross and obviously not acceptable. It is child abuse. And yet, professionals are seeking gratification and punishing those who point out the obvious with their “transphobic” slurs. As if intelligent people will be fooled by sticks and stones. I mourn the loss of these children like I mourn the adults I work with who’s childhood was stolen by a man or woman who abused them. I am a social worker with eight years behind me of protecting children from their parents in Children’s Protective Services. I am an ethical psychotherapist who studied child development in graduate school. I am a critical thinker not fooled by the masses. This is our holocaust. An American destruction of women and children. Child mutilation allowed by people they are supposed to trust and Narcissistic men invading women’s rights.

It will get worse, just like the war in Europe destroyed more and more Jewish men and women and other smaller minority populations in the 1940’s. The rights women have come to expect since the 19th Amendment are over if we don’t act now. The rights children began to appreciate when they could confide in their teacher about abuse, could trust a doctor, and even a parent, all of this has been destroyed by the big ego of very jaded people. The rights of children to feel safe and get an education and go to college have ended. Colleges are no longer places of critical thinking, intelligent Americans will be a thing of the past. What will be the aftermath of this? I am not a Bible person but I do think of Babylon quite a bit. History repeats itself.

Note: If you get a chance, watch Jung’s take on man and human kind below.

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