Human Violence Not Gun Violence

Pew Research Center

Prohibition taught us many things. If we take away something that someone wants and already has the right to have, they will get it anyway they can. The mafia took over and ran our streets. Abortion rights were given to women so that they didn’t have to go into a filthy hovel and have some woman or man cut them up and perform a “surgery” that many women died from. The same people who fight for Abortion rights are fighting for “gun violence” laws. Politicians, who don’t give a damn about people and are focused on winning elections have said the same stupid lines since Columbine. Women and men continue to have no respect for their bodies and continue to not use birth control and bring babies into the world that they have no business giving birth to. This is the argument. Listen. Read a history book.

Only days before the Ulvade, Texas massacre, before anyone even knew where the hell Ulvade was or how to pronounce it, I wrote an article entitled: Manners, Morals, Faith and Values: A Decline in Current Civilization. Did you read it? I doubt it. The only ones who did are probably people who respect the title and appreciate what I am saying. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about children who are unplanned and end up being raised by single parents. This is an epidemic and it is changing the country. Shhh, don’t say anything because we don’t want anyone to take responsibility for their lives. Let’s worry about abortion rights rather than the fact that couples are fucking without birth control and bringing all these kids in the world. Either, hoping the guy will stay, or “I don’t like the way birth control makes me feel” or “My doctor said I can’t get pregnant,” or “I had sex with guys for years and haven’t gotten pregnant once.” If I had a dime for every time I heard a girl or a guy tell me his girlfriend’s excuse about why they got pregnant, I’d be rich.

Hey, I was a single parent and an absent parent and I got pregnant at 17. I never made this mistake again. Am I saying I hate my son? No, I am saying that was stupid, I was ignorant and I couldn’t talk about birth control to my parents because it was 1979 when I began having sex with my then boyfriend, later husband, later ex-husband – he was a batterer. My son made lots of mistakes in his life because of the way he was raised. Lots of really stupid mistakes and he will be the first to tell you that. He took responsibility for his life and decisions he had made, just like I have. We were both raised to do that.

If I had a “cache” of weapons under my bed, my dad (stepfather) would have known about it and he would have beat the shit out of me and forced me to take them back to where they came from. Am I advocating for corporal punishment? God, No. I am advocating for discipline, for teaching your children right from wrong, for raising your children with morals and manners, with faith and values. Guns are not responsible for killing people, if they were they’d be going off in gun stores across America. It is unhealthy men and women who were not raised right. Entitled people who were not taught right from wrong. People who do not respect the value of owning a gun – for protection – not to kill. We live in a dangerous society.

Would you stop cooking because you gave your guests botulism? Would your guests never come to your home again to punish you for what you did to them? No, you would learn to be a better cook and pay more attention to the ingredients. We have such extremist thinking here. The virus is coming, the virus is coming, don your masks and show me your passport. Who cares about HIPAA laws – don’t come in my house unless you tell me your family medical history. We can’t come up with a vaccine for AIDS or Cancer but we can damn sure throw together a “vaccine” to pacify the public in less than a year was it?

It is disturbing to me that parents spend so much money giving their children all the toys they never had. Children’s rooms and parents houses are filthy because they use the excuse, like they did with birth control. “What am I to do? I can’t keep control of two kids.” I think of history, and mothers who raised 4, 5, 10 kids. They did not have a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, the children each had responsibilities around the house or out on the farm, they made their own soap sometimes, sewed the clothes, ironed them because there was no such thing as “permanent press,” or “wrinkle free.” Mothers today can’t take care of one or two kids. Single parents who don’t get the lesson after one kid so they have four or five more from various men. I get the excuses, the ignorance, but Americans need to wake up. Being in denial about how these kids are being raised without discipline, not learning to take responsibility, is not going to stop America’s human violence problem. It is going to continue, generation after generation, just like welfare families. Shhh. Let’s pretend I didn’t say welfare – stating the obvious might make someone uncomfortable. It always helps to put your head in the sand.

Morehouse College did a study in the late 90’s. I have quoted this over and over again in previous posts about single parents. The result was this: children who are raised in single parent homes, the girls are more likely to get pregnant and the boys are more likely to end up behind bars. Having a stepfather doesn’t lower this risk. I learned about this when I was in grad school taking a workshop on how to work with irresponsible fathers and help them to take more action in their children’s lives. When I was creating the Men of Head Start program to advocate for them being more involved in the pre-school. When I was learning about “team parenting” which means let go of your ego about why daddy (or mommy) didn’t want you and focus on raising that child you created. It isn’t the child’s fault and they aren’t a pawn in a chess game.

In observance of National Single Parent Day on March 21, it is worth noting that America has one of the highest levels of single-parent families with children in the world. About 30 percent of America’s families with children under 18 years old, amounting to 10 million households, are single-parent families. 

The Hill

As a psychotherapist I am pissed off. I am not going to apologize for my language because people need to listen and wake-up. They need to put their critical thinking caps on and use some common sense. You can get any kind of gun you want on any inner city street corner. Take away gun rights – screw the constitution and see how this is going to control America. The mafia is out to pasture, it is gang warfare now and they don’t have family values, the mafia had some pretense over this (except when their brother sold out). I have listened to police in Oakland, California talk about which gangs frighten them because they are internationally based and have tactics that you don’t want to know about. The inner city is already tagging your neighborhood. You ignore it when you drive down the street rather than painting over it. You ignore it when they post sticker/tagging on gas pumps but you arrest a guy for putting a Biden sticker on a pump that says “I did that.” Okay, the gangs are more covert in their operations. Neither is right.

Human violence is a result of messed up people. Not mentally ill, although that might be in the background, this is not the fault of murderers. They are people who were not raised properly. You can jump on the narcissist band wagon, any wagon you want but the bottom line is that parents need to be responsible for their kids. When we kill the perpetrator, put the parents behind bars. I wonder how long it will take before people start taking their bodies more seriously and use birth control and take their time getting to know a man (or getting to know the woman). The sexual revolution fucked up. It is time to go back to a society who has more respect for itself.

2 thoughts on “Human Violence Not Gun Violence

  1. Thank you for your honesty and feelings of some of the situations we are facing in our country. Well written and woven with critical thinking which I think is lacking in many people right now. Finger pointing seems to be the easy trend nowadays, so we don’t offend (actually encourage others) to the real problems that we continue to let play out in loop after loop.


    • Your welcome. I sometimes have to take a deep breath before posting, worried about how some people might judge me. Talking about these things is important. It is not about blame but about taking responsibility, in my eyes.


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