Love in Any Language

Four months ago, I created my first video for, where I interviewed award winning author, Evelyn Kohl LaTorre, for her first book “Between Inca Walls.” The second book entitled “Love in Any Language,” is the part two. In fact, when you begin to read this book – should you have read the first one, you will feel as if this books starts where the last one left off. And, this is the point. Many people were curious what happened to Antonio and Evelyn; once they left Peru. We are indulged with this beautiful story about a couple who’s marriage spans five and a half decades, as we speak. The book ends about three decades later and we are on our seats for the entire roller coaster ride.

Evelyn is not shy about telling us the pros and cons of a long term marriage. And, like with any movie, there is a story arch so that the “character” is able to have self-awareness and grow over time. I truly believe that every couple who is about to be married should read this book; to get a more realistic portrayal of what a long term commitment means. As a psychotherapist, I know that men and women go to the altar like a “deer in the headlights.” Imagine if they were a little more mindful as to what the future might mean. Instead of expecting a bed of roses, wondering what challenges life will bring them. Being curious about how they will navigate the path ahead – in good times and bad. The truth is, no one ever really knows what they can expect from marriage.

We do know that marriage ends in divorce almost fifty percent of the time. Personally, I feel that this would be lower if people took marriage more seriously and had better communication with each other. Instead, most couples say “I do,” focused more on the wedding day than the days after – the majority of couples who marry are ill-prepared and simply give up when times get hard. Evelyn and Antonio do not. While there are long separations, there is always love and a deep commitment toward each other and the values that they share. This book shows us that if we are true to our selves and are with a partner who is mature and supportive; longevity might be in the cards.

I really hope that some Hollywood executive or even a South American producer will be handed one of these books to read (or both). This certainly has the makings of a rich multi-cultural movie script that could be a great “date night” film. I hope that young couples and even older couples will read these two books and take a look at what is involved once the fantasy of the honeymoon stage and that white wedding dress day is over.

These two books are about true love, passion, romance, and hard work.

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