Balthazar: French TV – Sexy Cop Show

Raphael Balthazar played by Tomer Sisley, an Israeli-French male, has become my new fascination. I am going to spoil it for you though, but this has not been indicated in the series (at all). My suspicion is and maybe you will prove me wrong, maybe they will, but I think he is the one who killed his wife. At the end of Season 2; there were too many weird things at the ending segment that suddenly made me quite curious. His friend was dead, he was a ghost talking to him and they finally told us another clue – it had to be a doctor. Red Herring of a TV show? We shall find out in Season 3; as Acorn TV has indicated there will be one. Hard to tell with foreign TV.

So, who is Raphael? He is a handsome widow, wannabe player though the latter is only occurring because he avoids falling in love again. He is absolutely hilarious and I think you have to have a sense of humor to cut up dead bodies and sniff about their corpses! And he does do some sniffing.  The lady police woman, Hélène Bach, will have nothing to do with this and even Delgado, her partner, has his patience tested by Balthazar one too many times. Especially now after he takes him up in a helicopter – after shooting up drugs – at the end of Season 2. Oh Balthazar! He can do anything, even on drugs, an amazing man!!! If you look up Tomer Sisley on Wikipedia however, you will find that he does fly helicopters – it really was him – as he does his own stunts. Did I say I am absolutely crazy about this actor? Shh… don’t tell my boyfriend.

The show however, is a big difference from what you will see on another French TV series called Spiral. With Spiral, you will get much more drama and an all star cast.  In Balthazar, the one draw back is that it is too quick and the stories end when the show is over. The only constant is the “Who dunnit,” with his wife  who was killed by a serial killer. They can’t figure it out after two seasons but yet they can figure out other murders in 45 minutes! Another reason I think it is him. Why else drive us crazy if not to mess with our brains a little bit? How else could it be this crazy if not to end it with a huge twist that really f–ks with your head. Not mine though; I am ready for it. Who didn’t watch Memento? Do you see my point now? I bet creators Clothilde Jamin and Clélia Constantine  did.

Take a peak at this show if you haven’t already, ladies, you will appreciate it and you can thank me later!

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