The Shack – American Movie

Recently, a client of mine raved about this movie that she begged me to watch. Generally, I don’t watch American films as I find them dull and boring. An egotistical showcase for some smarmy actor or actress who is overused, overacting, and not interesting in the least. The storyline often lacks depth and integrity. However, I could see before my eyes, the breakthrough my client had had, in regard to forgiveness and revenge: two topics we had been working on for several weeks. I was captivated by their unyielding dedication and the trailer they showed me in session convinced me.

As I viewed the trailer, I could feel my own eyes swelling with tears that wanted to be set free like a horse behind the starting gate. I knew that not only would this be a good film, that others would benefit as well. The topics are those that come up quite frequently since I specialize in post-traumatic stress disorder.

I watched the film and yes, it is on the border of being a Hallmark collection but there is something a little different. The story goes deeper into psychological wounds and has an ability to twist the plot around when you least expect it. In fact, it has that tornado storyline like in “The Wizard of Oz,” that must have caught us all by surprise the first time we watched it.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are the Executive Producers. This is a couple I have envied from afar. While I do not know them, I am able to see a genuineness from their photos and in their music. Country and western singers that have been married for a quarter of a century and don’t seem to be on the verge of a scandalous affair. When I saw their names at the end of the trailer, I began to appreciate even more what I was about to witness.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch this, and have time to sink your teeth into something rich in spiritual and psychological, depth, for it requires quality time and effort, make a plan to view this as soon as you can. Then take some time to view my latest post on my psychology page entitled Contemplative Prayer Brings Persistence to Faith: Integrity to Self.

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