Anti-White Sentiment – A Disturbing Trend

It is terribly disappointing to hear our president state “I am a White boy but I am not Stupid.” He is essentially saying White people, his own race, are stupid. I am an intelligent woman and I am not ashamed of being White. I make no apologies for my ancestors – who I didn’t know and even those I did know. I am not them and they are not me.

In the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, Anti-Semitism went on the rise amongst fashionable Europe. When I wrote my novel “The Uprisers: A Hungarian Historical Fiction,” I found that during that same time, in Hungary (and I am sure other villages around Europe) leaflets were dropped from airplanes to make the locals aware of the negative propaganda in regard to those who were Jewish. Now we have social media to indoctrinate people in this hate mentality. No more need to pay pilots!

We all know what happened from this onslaught of hatred toward Jews as the disgust continued to rise in Europe. WWII. No need to say more there. However, I will point out that Hitler burned books. Now, we are changing the words in these books and this means the censors are re-writing books, not the authors. So, they are no longer written by those authors, they are new books. On the contrary, parents asking to ban sexualized content in school libraries is hardly the same as burning books. These books are not appropriate for schools to distribute to children. Common sense. Hitler also defaced paintings, stole famous art work from the Jews and as a result of this, some of these paintings are still slowly re-surfacing. We have little brats going into art museums, today, defacing paintings now, in an attempt to throw a temper tantrum; about their cause.

I am deeply concerned about this disturbing trend from celebrities and non-celebs “apologizing” for being White or for their ancestors. As this is imitating Anti-Semitism, one has to wonder, how far this will go? What should we fear? Some Jewish people paid attention to this current of hatred and got out of Europe before the Nazi’s found them. Some did not fare so well. Some probably didn’t have a choice. Some didn’t want to believe that their non-Jewish friends would turn on them. Now we know. You can’t even trust your friends in a time of intense hatred and fear.

God doesn’t make mistakes – WE make mistakes.

We should be proud of our race, our culture, our religion, our ancestors, our elders, our gender, our values, and no one, not ANY person should tell you otherwise or make you think otherwise. Unfortunately, I had to tell my grandchild to come to me (or her parents) if her teachers tried to tell her there was something wrong with her or she should be ashamed of her race. This was a difficult statement for me to make because I would have never spoken against a teacher. In the past, however, we could trust them. Now, we cannot. Teachers were once professionals, they had respect for the child’s parents. Now, the vast majority are political and this has no place in a child’s life. Children are impressionable and want to please. They are not there to be taken advantage of. Communists have already done this and we know what happened next. Look into Pioneer Scouts to find out more.

We are in a time of not taking responsibility. Narcissism is an oftly used word. Racism as well. A friend, family member, or partner should apologize if they have harmed someone in their intimate circle. This is not happening. When I have held people accountable for their actions, they have attacked me or disappeared. No one wants to just say “I am sorry,” in their social circles. No one wants to listen to each other, they just want to spew hatred and venom. Even on a dating website the other day, a man asked me about my political views and then told me I was a conspiracy theorist. A stranger, who has never met me, who asked me a question and knows nothing about the context of the answer, or why I made the statement. He didn’t agree with me and so I was wrong. A very uneducated and ignorant person. This is what our society has come from. I hate you. Follow my boundaries but I will not allow for yours. You don’t have a right to your own opinions.

This disturbing trend needs to stop before it gets worse. People are being hurt every day. No one cares. People are feeling as if their needs are not important. People are being talked into ridiculous corners – change your gender, be ashamed of your race, conspiracy theorist! And we wonder why mass shootings are on the rise. We seem shocked whenever we hear about one. Nothing shocking to report here. The person is tired of not being listened to. They feel hurt, wounded, disturbed, to a point where they delude themselves. No one listens to them – except themselves.

Men talking in monologues. I have heard about this again just today. I have witnessed two in my own life. My sister’s ex-husband and my ex-boyfriend. Talking out loud, not allowing for conversation – just talking – to hear themselves talk. They were right and we were wrong. Wanting to make sure you are listening but not caring what you have to say. This trend, in today’s society, I am sure is not infrequent. I have heard other clients talking about their man’s monologues but today it hit me differently, as I was thinking of this article.

Looking back on history, it is important to see the patterns or the “writing on the wall.” Anti-Semitism and Anti-White thinking are no different. I only hope we don’t see the same conclusion.

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